Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy

by  Venerable Dr. Khammai Dhammasami

Mindfulness practice is indeed a complicated and unattractive one for many people because in its principles it involves a comprehensive study of oneself and self-dependency. It calls for many factors to be made balanced. This goes straightaway into conflict with our dominant desire that looks for a quick fix.


Mindfulness practice rules out a manta-style approach in life. No miracle or any superstitious belief. Simply, it is a self-cultured programme. The practice requires us to put in our own efforts and discover the truth through our own experience. The teacher is only to guide but not to see the truth for us.


I started reading the Satipatthana-sutta, the main discourse on mindfulness meditation, since my late teens. However, there was little I could relate to people through my reading of this sutta until six or seven years later as I understood very little of it at that time. The words and phrases look so simple that they become too hard for me to grasp what they mean. It is a discourse and a practice I do not take it for granted up to this day. The discourse requires some practice to see its points. Reflecting on the difficulty I have with the sutta and the practice, I wish to make it accessible to many who otherwise would feel put off due to inability to comprehend this particular discourse. I have tried my best to present it in an easily comprehensible manner.


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